Bassocontinuo AEON 2 audio rack NEW

AEON 2 – the evolution of perfection.
After one year and half and an unexpected sales success, we’re glad to announce an important news.
The restyling of AEON introduces few smart accessories, easy and useful at the same time. They are conceived for daily necessities and again, we’re the pioneers in this.
AEON 2 will be available from second half of January 2016.
Below you can read few important features:
– Microcells inside structure, able to reduce more than 25% of residual vibrations generated from analog and digital sources, than previous version.
– less weight than AEON: now AEON 2 shelf is only 2,75 KG!
– back side with several hooks ready to accept the smart accessories
– completely renewed the lamination plan to optimize the internal resistance and maintain the same cushion ability and resilience.
– new design for terminal hooks to increase the stability (also with high loaded) and reduce arms torsion.
– “cable manager” system to guide signal, loudspeakers and power cables (standard equipment)
– “remote control holder” made on carbon fiber (optional)
– “headphone stand” made on genuine leather (optional)