BBC legacy

Graham Chatwell BBC LS3/5 is the replica of the forefather of the famed BBC LS3/5A. I have here the demo units that is not part of the number production. The local distributor, AudioLine at Singapore told me that this is the first pair that have landed and that they have not even heard them.
I have a few audiophile friends including an avid collector of the BBC LS3/5A, Mr.Joseph Ki Cheong Ming to hear them with me. We agreed that there is a difference between the Graham Chatwell LS3/5 with the Rogers BBC LS3/5A (60th anniversary) and the Falcon BBC LS3/5A.
I believe that the Graham LS3/5 does have a fuller mid to its limited low but the Rogers and Falcon LS3/5A do have the advantage on the upper frequencies.
Ultimately, the BBC has left us a wonderful legacy.

Dato’ Danon Han