Bending Wave USA’s Grand Opening

Bending Wave USA today announces that it will open its offices and state of the art sound room in Davie, FL later in January. To celebrate the milestone, a Grand Opening celebration will take place on January 26th and 27th, 2019. The sound room is equipped with $750,000 worth of high-end luxury speakers and cables from Germany, and reference quality finely crafted electronics made in Switzerland. This sound room is a temple for audiophiles where only the purest of sound waves are generated. The loudspeakers are exquisitely made by Göbel High-End, and the amplifiers, preamplifiers, and digital to analog convertors are made with Swiss perfection by CH Precision.
Göbel High-End speakers are the product of the finest German engineering and truly set the ultimate benchmark for the highest quality in both sound and appearance.
Elliot Goldman, President of Bending Wave USA, says that those “in my 4 decades in the high-end audio business, these are the best speakers I have experienced, period”. That is a bold claim but he stands by it, and welcomes anyone to his sound room who wants to have an ultimate listening session.
CH-Precision manufactures their electronics as if it were a fine mechanical watch. As a matter of fact, they are manufactured in the famed “watch valley” in Switzerland. The fanatical attention to the most minute details is what helps generate the most perfect and undisturbed sound.
With the price tag of these speakers, only true music lovers with means will be able to appreciate and experience music in its absolute purest form.
Details regarding Bending Wave USA and the high-end speaker brands and equipment they carry can be found on their corporate website at
Contact Info:
Name: Elliot Goldman
Organization: Bending Wave USA
Address: 10404 West State Road 84, Suite 101, Davie, Florida 33324
Phone: (954) 716-7407