Bibacord High End Audio Speaker Cables NEW

Bibacord High End Audio Cables are small-scale production aimed at the uncompromising music enthusiast, seeking the very best cables to partner with the best audio equipment available. Each cable is handcrafted on custom order. They do not offer a plethora of models, just one of each kind – simply representing the best they can do.
All conductors are solid core OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) pure silver or copper. The speaker cable contain a tuned set of both silver and copper conductors of different diameters. 
Unbleached cotton is used for dielectric as far as possible. In some places we use microporous PTFE. The amount of synthetic polymers is, nevertheless, kept to a bare minimum. The speaker cable and the analogue interconnect are built using a framework made from specially selected balsa wood. This gives a superior mechanical damping, as well as a precisely defined and stable positioning of the conductors. The structure is divided into segments connected by flexible joints. For best performance, these cables are unshielded.
All cables are fitted with the best connectors available. The cables are folded/wrapped in textile ribbons, giving a unique visual and tactile appearance. 

The speaker cable is available in lengths of 1, 1½, 2, 2½ and 3 meters. It is folded with a bronze/white or black/blue/sand colored textile ribbon. It is also available in a black fabric-like nylon sleeve.
For connectors, they use WBT 0681/0661 nextgen silver spades (8.1 or 6.4 mm) or WBT 0610 nextgen silver bananas.