Blanko speaker NU loudspeakers

This flew in again via social media. As it created lots of interest here is a bit more insights… Unique Loudspeaker System. A system combined of a fullrange electrostatic loudspeaker and a specially designed tube amplifier. An electrostatic loudspeaker with a phenomenal bass performance.

Vocals and voices are lifelike; every breath every emotion, instruments and sounds everything is a flawless reproduction.
A system where you can’t miss a detail.

An uncompromising system that displays every detail and all dynamics from high to very low.
 Blanko speaker is not only a genuine sounding speaker, but also a beautiful artistic object in the living room.
The only thing you need is an audio source, CD player or audio streamer with volume control.

• height 202 cm 
• deep 55 cm 
• wide 43 cm 
• weight 52 Kg/st is a small Dutch company where the most fantastic things are built on a small scale.  
A series of speakers of which only 4 pairs are built per year.
The speakers are located in a spacious neutral listening room where only the installed speakers are located for a as honestly as possible soundstage.