Block Audio Mono Block Class-A Monaural Power Amplifier

Block Audio Mono Block is the new Class-A Monaural Power Amplifier with 200 Watts of true Class-A. 
“BLOCKAUDIO deals with own products since primary design concept to the realization in really ultimate quality. All without any compromises in respect of sound perfection, fidelity and overall precision of make.”
200 Watts true Class-A operation
A smart PCBA’s and mechanical architecture allow shortest audio signals and power supply paths without any internal wiring
Precision speaker control through innovative feedback concept
All discrete audio circuitry
DC signal coupling with Servo-Control
2 500 VA custom made low-noise and low-radiation toroidal transformer
Decoupled and suspended mount transformer case
500 000 µF of power supply-filter capacitance (per channel)
Thermally coupled rectifiers
Adjustable feet with integrated spikes
Separate power supply for control and protection circuits
Standby with zero power consumption
Reversible protection system and Distortion-rise indication
User-selectable Eco/Auto Eco bias mode
User-selectable Auto Power Off mode
Status/Error indications
Brightness controlled* front status LED
System remote control and temperature displaying*


Continuous RMS Output Power: 500 W into 4 Ω
250 W into 8 Ω, up to 200 W Class-A
Distortion: THD+N <0 .015="" at="" i="" power="" rated="">
min. 0.002 %, IMD <0 .003="" i="">
Frequency Response: DC – 300 kHz ±3 dB
DC – 20 kHz ±0.01 dB
Signal/Noise Ratio: 120 dB A-weighted
117 dB unweighted
related to rated power
Damping Factor at 8 Ω: >5 000, DC – 20 kHz
Voltage Gain: +26 dB or +20 dB user-selectable
Input Sensitivity: 2.25 Vrms at +26 dB gain
Input Impedance: 20 kΩ balanced
10 kΩ unbalanced
Inputs: 1 balanced (XLR)
1 unbalanced (RCA)
Outputs: 2 pairs binding posts
System Remote Control: Yes*, Neutrik RJ45
Power Consumption: 1 200 W max.
500 W at idle
100 W at idle Eco mode
0 W in Standby
Mains Voltage: 230/115 Vac
factory pre-configured
Dimensions: 500(w) × 275(h) × 600(d) mm
Weight: 90 kg, ˜110 kg shipping
*works only together with appropriate BLOCKAUDIO Preamplifier