BOENICKE audio SwingBase®. Find out why it greatly improves the bass definition and clarity throughout the whole frequency range and how it eliminates vibration and direct sound transmission into the floor…

Common Assumption

Cones, spikes and feet isolate your components and speakers from vibration (“mechanical diode”).
The Reality
Cones, spikes and feet only tune the component to a different resonant frequency than the one it possesses when sitting on its own feet. The „mechanical diode“ does not exist.
The Problem
Whether this tuning makes a true sonic improvement or not is more or less by chance. Different is not necessarily better.
In particular loudspeakers, where feet should hold the cabinet “still,” suffer from the effect generated by this method. Inevitably, when frequency rises, there will be resonances set up by the mass of the whole speaker (which reacts by small relative movements to the cones‘ movement) that bounces against the stiff and springy spikes. It does so because it cannot swing forward or backward freely. The bouncing causes distorted, non-linear doppler effects of high Q that mainly occur in the critical audio midrange.
The Real Solution
Our SwingBase® (patent pending) allows your components and speakers to move in the horizontal plane with as little friction as possible while offering extremely simple height adjustment. There are many other products on the market, most of them using “isolating” ball bearings (or springs). Since a ball rests on its adjacent surface on a theoretically infinitely small area, either the ball or the surface it sits on inevitably deforms to a certain degree, even under little weight. That clearly compromises the construction‘s effectiveness. Bear in mind: Horizontal friction must be as low as possible!
Our SwingBase® is totally different. Your components will be suspended in free air, held by thin and flexible steel-ropes, pre- senting virtually zero resistance to relative movements, even under heavy loads up to 280 kg*.
The Result
• Reduces bass-boom to a remarkable degree, particularly with large speakers – your neighbours will thank you!
• Produces a wider, higher and deeper sound stage and a more relaxed performance while offering higher detail resolution.
• Greatly improves bass definition and clarity throughout the whole frequency range. Clearer transients and truer colours.
• Greatly reduces muddiness and smearing.
• Eliminates direct sound transmission into the floor.
• Eliminates structure-borne feedback between
speaker and vibration sensitive equipment.
Price: 1250 euro