More insights about the Burmester 159 flagship amplifier…
The original flagship Power Amplifier the Burmester 909 was released in 1990 and has gone through 4 different generations of evolution. For 25 years the 909 has held its place as the power amplifier of choice for Burmester enthusiasts around the world. Now finally a big brother to the 909 has come. The 909 and 159 look remarkably similar as Burmester sticks to their signature look with the massive block surrounded by aluminium heat sinks.

This legendary product it of the Burmester R&D team is a superlative mono power amplifier. The 159 is the first new dedicated mono block to be in development since the 1980s! The 159 signals a return to the original success story of Burmester Audio and is now coupled with 21st century state-of-the-art technology. This will be the most powerful amplifier in company history. All sound-relevant components come hand made from the German manufactures and are custom-made to the specifications of the Burmester R&D team.

Another revolutionary design in the new 159 is its thermally optimized circuit design. Due to the special circuit technology, the power amp reaches its operating temperature within a few minutes. Therefore a pro-longed warm up phase is no longer required.
Via RutherFordAudio