Burmester streaming classical music

“Burmester partnership with the leading streaming service for classical music IDAGIO is official! Users can browse a catalogue of over 2 million licensed tracks, exclusive recordings and playlists – all available in CD-quality sound (FLAC). IDAGIO is fully integrated in the Burmester MC App now and available on all Burmester network products. Faithful musical reproduction is central to everything both Burmester and IDAGIO do. In lossless quality, IDAGIO offers classical music in an impressive range of recordings: candid, authentic, honest, much like Burmester’s audio systems. From soloists to chamber music to the full orchestra: the collaboration between the two companies in Berlin, which is about to get started, will allow listeners to experience the cultural heritage of classical composers within their own four walls, with a special degree of audio variety and in high-end quality, both in terms of the stream provided and the devices reproducing them.”

“We see ourselves as mediators of art and this needs true light without any retouching. With IDAGIO, we will now be able to offer our customers around the world a wealth of classical music in pristine quality that is appropriate to the Burmester audio philosophy. The Callas live at La Scala, Bernstein at the Met, Karajan at the opening of the Berlin Philharmonic, Kent Nagano here and now with all the charm and atmosphere of the period in question – in the days of Instagram and Photoshop, of flavour enhancers and artificial flavourings, from acoustic trickery and digital uniformity, this has become a rarity” exclaims Burmester CEO Andreas Henke with regard to the new partnership.

IDAGIO attaches particular importance to the meta data relevant to classical music, such as the composer, work, conductor, orchestra or soloists. Aided by seamless integration into the Burmester app for controlling the network products, all of this information will be at hand in the search for the perfect classical music delight.
IDAGIO founder and CEO Till Janczukowicz: “Over 35% of people worldwide love classical music. It is not only the most global, but also one of the most popular genres of music. Through our uncompromising focus on music, artists and technology, together with Burmester we will now be in a position to offer classical musical experiences, never previously available in this format. The whole world of classical music in one ultimate collection, easily searchable, with personalised listening recommendations and personal favorites directly from experts and great artists. And all of this now available with a sound quality that could not be closer and more direct.”
Customers can also look forward to customised playlists, curated by Burmester and IDAGIO. The benefits are endless – compare recordings, browse for interpretations and locate the latest albums in the ultimate classical music catalogue, then enjoy these in lossless audio quality from a Burmester network product in audiophile sound quality.
The streaming provider is available worldwide and is now integrated into the Burmester Musiccenter app.