Burson’s upcoming Conductor V2 now on Indigogo

Power to the people! 
That is 70W transformers X 2, 8.2 Watt of Class-A thunder from down-under! If Immortan Joe, another outstanding Aussie, had a headphone amp, then this could be it! 
It will not be a blunt instrument though. With 100 steps of smooth volume control, it will be delicate enough to drive any In-Ear-Monitors. On the digital front it will feature the SABRE32 ESS DAC Chip and XMos USB receiver, joining the 32bit/384khz, DSD256, DXD club. True to their design tradition, the V2 is fully discrete and its vault like enclosure will be shiny and… anodized. 
The V2 will be shipping in April and its final pricing will be decided by the people. It could be as low as 1499USD for the fully equipped version (V2+) and 999USD for the pure analogue version (V2).