Care Audio KR Audio’s KRONZILLA VA-680 “Care” Edition NEW

Care Audio is proud to bring to NY, KR Audio’s KRONZILLA VA-680 “Care” edition – an integrated running on the world’s largest tube, the T-1610. Kronzilla KR VA680 Care, with the Lundahl transformers is a single ended amplifier pure Class A with 60 watts of Triode Power.
Care Audio took the highly regarded reference grade KR V680 and added meaningful modifications to make it a world class integrated hybrid. The “Care” edition has upgraded Furutech input and output connectors, Kron’s Solid State Preamp P150 and an “Eco” switch that allows you to turn off the tubes and use it as solid state only amp. The amp boasts a subdued gold color that matches the tubes aesthetically.
With the addition of the special Lundahl transformer, the VA680 achieves the sound reproduction the average audiophile dreams of obtaining from any amplifier which promises to bring the listener directly into the concert hall to hear live music. The Kronzilla is a hybrid design configuration with two enormous KRT-1610 tubes (double triodes in parallel) in the output stage while the first stage is solid state using Mosfets.