Cary Audio is pleased to announce the re-launch of its Cary Direct Online Store! The online store is now split into three different sections: B-stock, DIY parts, and vacuum tubes and accessories.

The B-stock section is made up of current and past production models. It could be returned or open box products, previously repaired products, demonstration products used at industry shows or in dealer showrooms, cosmetic flaws such as scratches or dings in chassis, faceplate, paint surfaces, or other visible areas. All B-stock products will only be sold and shipped within the United States.

The DIY parts section is made up of stock of different parts such as, capacitors, speaker binding posts, switches, etc. This caters from those looking to build their dream project to those who are looking for parts to upgrade their current equipment.

The vacuum tubes and accessories section is made up of different vacuum tubes and accessories available at Cary Audio. For the vacuum tubes, we have anything from new production tubes to new old stock (NOS) tubes. Some of the NOS tubes are available in limited quantities. For accessories, we supply anything from bias meters to Cary Audio t-shirts.