MSB Technology writes. “Much like Apple removing the headphone jack from their phones, we are approaching the removal of transports from our digital systems.  We understand there is definitely consumer demand (now and always, same for headphone jacks…), but this demand has continued to diminish year by year.  During the last year we have had a unique opportunity for introspection and re-focusing on our company mission.  With the growing demand for our special DAC technologies and high performance amplifiers, we have decided to solely focus on these products.  Since our company was founded on the first wave of CD Technology this feels like a momentous change for us. We couldn’t be more excited to see how digital sources have and continue to evolve.” 

The Solutions

We offer a wide variety of input modules that can be used with a variety of sources.  Our DAC’s can elevate any source to its highest potential. Our best performing input, the Pro USB, shares the same technology found in our transports.  This can be used with a server to achieve equivalent performance with the same great isolation.  Or simplify with the Network Renderer for a single integrated solution.  The future possibilities are endless.