Cessaro BETA-II F-4 speakers NEW

In good and long-term tradition the Cessaro GmbH out of Hessian Nidda will participate with their brand Cessaro Horn Acoustics in this year ́s High End fair in Munich. The High End 2015 fair takes place from 14th May 2015 to 17th May 2015 at MOC Munich. Cessaro Horn Acoustics will present their products to audiophile enthusiasts at the Atrium4/1st upper floor, Room F117. 
An absolute world premiere will be the official introduction of our new BETA-II F-4: A semi- active 4-Way-Horn-System with the high efficiency that is typical for Cessaro Horn Acoustics and a „real“ frontloaded bass-horn. 

Beta II F-4

In the development of the BETA-II F-4 special attention was given to the newly developed bass- horns. The dimensions quickly make clear, that Cessaro GmbH has implemented the production without any compromises: With a total width of 410cm, a depth of 140cm and a height of 82cm you can conclude from the looks, in which league the BETA-II F-4 plays when it comes to sound. 

The uncompromised development and production of the BETA-II F-4 results in an uncompromised and breathtaking sound as well. Given an appropriate adaption in the room we are able to produce a cut-off frequency at approx. 30Hz. 
This exorbitant power will be achieved in this process without any equalisation. The operating expenses that were made developing and producing the BETA-II F-4 the audiophile listener is rewarded by an absolute seamless integration of all low-frequency pulses. In this way bass will be no longer perceived as an inert and slow lower frequency. For the first time, you can hear instruments details located in the last two lower octaves and better differentiate them acoustically. 
All Cessaro Horn Acoustics models of the 2nd generation – of course also the BETA-II F-4 – come with the newly developed Cessaro Composite-Horns. 
The Cessaro Composite-Horns are based on an extremly expensive 2-Shell-Construction with a special polymere-rubber-filling. This 2-Shell-Fiber-Construction is handmade. Drivers are adapted by an CNC-drilled, two-parted and 25mm strong Aluminium-Flange. This extreme expense in production rewards the listener with an again significantly increased resonance freedom compared to previous constructions. 
The processing quality of the Cessaro Composite-Horns is also apparent with reference to the resulting weight class. With approx. 73kg for the Medium-Horn and the TAD-Alnico-Driver with Beryllium-Diaphragm and approx. 120kg for the Low-Mid-Horn the Cessaro Composite-Horns are not only sonic heavyweights. 
As a coronation of the optical appearance the Cessaro GmbH will present their new horn-system BETA-II F-4 in a highly polished version. 
Technical specifications BETA-II F-4: