CH Precision I1 Firmware Upgrade.

CH Precision writes: “The latest firmware upgrade for the I1 Universal Integrated Amplifier is now available and offers more than just a software tweak. It delivers a step- change in musical performance. Software Version 2.0 makes two significant changes to the digital decoding section that lies at the heart of this versatile unit. The PEtER spline filter algorithms have been updated in- line with the latest developments introduced on the C1.2 DAC/Controller, implementing fixed point filtering of digital signals. In addition, the I1 is also now fully MQA compatible, whether replaying streamed music or MQA-CDs from the D1.5.” 

Together, these steps represent a genuinely significant upgrade in the performance of our universal system solution, making for even more music, more of the time. And best of all? As a software upgrade, it’s entirely free of charge.
The latest I1 firmware is free to download from: link.
As Muddy might have said,
“It’s the perfect fix for the post-Christmas blues!”