Clara Haskil last concertos

1960 was the year that Clara Haskil recorded for the Philips label her two last concertos, and it was also the year of her disappearance. She lost her grip and tumbled down a steep concrete stairway at the railway station in Brussels, and in the early hours of December 7, 1960, exactly one month before her 66th birthday, Clara Haskil died. Early made in The Netherlands on Philips SAL 835 075 AY Plum HiFi Logo Very First Stereo Label, 33rpm, 12inch LP, recorded in 1960. 

Program: Mozart Piano Concertos in D Minor, Kv.466, and in C Minor, Kv 491. Igor Markevitch conducting the Orchestre de Concerts Lamoreux. Clara Haskil, piano solo. – Saulo Zucchello