Classic No.16.0 amplifier

Classic No. 16.0 is a latest model of top grade tube-amp launched by Classic. It embodies the consistent aesthetic principle that Classic products maintain and has further exploration for circuit and exteriority. Its input stage uses mean-µ tubes (12AT7) as active pull-up amplification, and at high gain, it effectively improves the linearity characteristics, distortion and common-mode rejection ratio etc. Inverter stage uses 6N8P, long-tailed amplifier-inverter. Final stage uses El34, ultra linearity push-pull amplification, and the triode operating state can be selected through switch.
No.16.0 has a “Display System For Tube Usage Time”. The system’s core is a piece of eight-bit monolithic device and a five-digit LED display shows the time with the longest displayed time in 99,999 hours. After you turn on the unit, the system can accumulate time and save data during the unit is turned off. It also has the function to turn/off LED and reset. To avoid troubles caused by over-used tubes, the system can be used to monitor the tubes usage time in order to remind users to replace tubes in time.
Final stage has an anode current testing system equipped with a Japanese CLASS 1.5 electromagnetic type round meter and a select switch. So it is easy for users to monitor the operating mode in final stage and to adjust BIAS in case of tube re-adjustment or tube change via the build-in potentiometers accessible from the top cover.
The sound performance of Classic No.16.0 is precise, comprehensive, full, thick, broadened and elegant. Coupled with its extended, flat and smooth sound in high-low frequency with much lower distortion, it is really a style of tube amplifier designed and made in SACD period 21century.
Switchable between Pentode- and Triode Mode, with Anode Current Testing System for Final Stage and DisplaySystem for Tube Usage Time.
Technical Data
Russian Electroharmonix 2x 12AT7, 2x 6N8P, 4x EL34 
AC 110V±10%, 50-60 Hz or 220V±10%, 50-60 Hz
450 × 350 ×150 mm (W x D x H)
20 kg