Classical music – give children the chance to love it!

Wonderful Guardian article about the the current sad state of the classical music and a possible positive solution…
Is the end of classical music approaching? The media is full of stories of doom and gloom: established orchestras and ensembles face closure or are being forced to merge, the audience is ageing, recordings don’t sell, copyright is dying and, worst of all, music education in schools is dwindling. Even in Germany, my country of residence, where high culture used to be heavily subsidised, the signs of the times are changing and increasingly politicians score points by advocating arts funding cuts. The prejudice that classical music is merely a substitutable commodity and a tiny minority’s pastime has gained ground. While there is occasional talk about the beneficial impact of musical education on memory, self-discipline, good grades and social life, the immaterial and aesthetic aspects of music tend to be overlooked.

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