Cork & Rubber turntable mat NEW

This new mat is a unique combination of antistatic cork and rubber granules. The result of using, is the perfect marriage between the vinyl record and turntable platter.Improves sound quality drastically, invites easiness and blacks background to the sound.
Diameter: 29.5 cm 
Thickness: 3,0mm 
Weight: 155g
Stamp: Serigraphy 
Composite properties:
– cleaner and sharper imaging, improved dynamic range, tighter bass response.
– cork and rubber mat will provide across the board sonic improvement.
– absorbs resonances and vibrations.
– suitable for most turntables.
All cork mats are made from natural products. In view of the natural environment, the products of whom manufacture our mats, are certified by stating that they have been produced, based on sustainable Portuguese forest management and in accordance with environmental standards – NP EN ISO 14001. 
ACM17 is an engineered cork and rubber composite material used to damp vibration before it is radiated as noise and before it is transmitted to other system components.

Used as core material in constrained damping layer constructions (sandwich panels). This product is suitable to be bonded to many different substrates like:

GRE (Glass Reinforced Epoxy)   
GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic)                     
using existing industry adhesives and technologies.
Low water absorption
Good dimensional stability
Non brittle
No mould growth


Miguel Guedes