I’m sure not everyone knows about the Crystal Cable integrated amplifier, that was introduced this year… “The compact, cuboid chassis of the CCI (Crystal Cable Integrated) amplifier delivers both space and thermal efficiency. It allows us to use an optically decoupled, standing bias, Class AB output topology derived directly from the state-of-the-art Siltech SAGA’s revolutionary Light Drive output stage. Despite its substantial 100 Watt/channel rating, its clever cooling design and extensive protection means that the Cube chassis can be placed almost anywhere – in a cupboard, on a bookshelf, even with books on either side…”
The fully balanced line-stage offers six inputs, each with individual gain settings, while software controlled relays totally isolate unused source components for optimum sound quality. Each stage of the amplifier, as well as the control circuitry, has its own independent, dedicated power supply. These are sophisticated Power Factor Corrected switch-mode designs, totally enclosed and heavily shielded.
The result is a single chassis amplifier whose advanced circuitry and technology allows it to rival the musical performance of many high-end separates at many times its price – in a compact, place anywhere package of unprecedented practicality.