And more from CS Port from Japan. The £48’000 (without cartridge ) LFT1 turnable with a hefty 27 kg air floating stainless steel platter driven by high inertia-no-feedback motor drive (XFD method) and linear tracking tonearm.  


Type LFT1
Turntable / motor drive unit
Base JIS 0 class granite surface plate base
Platter Air float 27 kg High inertia stainless steel platter
Drive system Quartz-follow No feedback motor drive XFD method
Rotation transmission method Yarn drive (four-fiber aramid)
Drive motor DC coreless low noise motor
Rotation speed 33 1/3 and 45 rpm Switch switching With rotation fine adjustment
Speed accuracy ±0.3%
Wow and flutter Wow 0.2% , Flutter 0.04% less
Power supply AC100/120/200/240V 50,60Hz
Power consumption 40W

Method Air float type linear tracking arm
Arm lifting mechanism Manual operation with lever
Azimuth / arm length adjustment Adjustment with fixing screw
Compliant cartridge weight 20g-40g (Including shell)
Compatible stylus pressure 1.5-5g
Adjustment of needle pressure Static balance
Output terminal DIN 5P
Air pump section
Air volume Supplied to platter and arm
Power supply DC12V Supplied from motor drive unit
Weight / Size
Base 40kg/358×358×120
Platter 27kg/φ344×43
Accessories AC power cable, DC cable, DIN 5P phono cable, cartridge shell, arm setting gauge, level, air tube, two drive yarns (player board is optional)
Warranty period 5 years (excluding consumables) registration is required