CSPort Static Eliminator IME1

CSPort writes: “Static Eliminator IME1 is an unprecedented accessory focusing on cartridge friction. It suppresses the effects of static electricity and makes records clearer.”

No static noise

Records become charged to several hundred volts over time due to friction with the cartridge. This can cause noise due to “Coulomb force,” “micro-gap discharge,” and “rotating electric field.
The IME1, equipped with ionizer units, ionizes records with positive and negative ions during playback. This suppresses proportional charging over time, resulting in clear playback without electrostatic noise. The IME1 also has records demagnetization function, radiating a damped magnetic field to records before playback. This is useful for rotational magnetic field noise caused by the slight magnetism of non-magnetic records.
* Install using the dedicated holder HLD1 (sold separately) or a stand with UNF1/4 screw