Daniel Hertz M11 Four Channel Integrated Amplifier NEW

PR: Daniel Hertz announces the production start of the M11 Four Channel Integrated Amplifier. The M11 is the first totally integrated solution for driving biamplified speakers with no-compromise performance. The M11 uses advanced Class D technology with 384k native resolution, and has 4 equal performance power amplifier channels, embedded programmable active crossovers and Mighty Cat system tuning software, high current stereo operation mode, and 24 bit wireless connectivity. The M11 produces 200W @ 8 ohms/400W @ 4 ohms x 4 channels with high performance Class-D technology, embedded system tuning software, active DSP crossovers, high current stereo mode, and many practical advantages.
Mark Levinson says, “The M11 offers unprecedented sonic advances that preserve the soul of analog with all the advantages of the latest digital technology. The days of the analog beast amplifiers are over.”

Advanced system tuning is a very exciting new development. No tweeter, woofer or speaker cabinet is perfect. The M11 offers for the first time the opportunity to realize much more of the potential of the best speakers with proprietary Daniel Hertz Mighty Cat software embedded in the DSP of the amplifier.

Analog sound from digital audio. Daniel Hertz technology upgrades the sound of all sources and provides the listening pleasure that formerly came only with the best pure analog audio equipment.
Bi-amplification is required for state of the art music playback. The best bass performance requires large woofers driven directly from a dedicated power amp using active crossovers in the signal path to avoid unacceptable degradation of performance. Until now, music lovers who want to use bi-amplified speakers have had to experiment with complex systems including crossovers, multiple power amplifiers, and a quantity of cables. The Daniel Hertz M11 one box solution just connects directly to bi-amplified speakers by four wires per speaker, eliminates the mess of boxes and cables previously needed to create bi-amplified speaker systems, and creates the best possible sound quality.
Intelligent modular design of the M11 makes the internal construction clean and and compact with short signal paths. Service, in the unlikely event it is required, is board level. All boards can be easily changed with no need for soldering.
Bar and plate construction chassis. The external panels are fastened to solid 6mm x 6mm aluminum bars using stainless steel screws. Available in two finishes – clear (silver) or gold anodized aluminium.
Made it Italy. The M11 is hand built near Venice, Italy by skilled craftspeople and engineers using only the finest parts and materials. Audio Precision test equipment is used with custom test scripts to guarantee perfect electronic performance.
The M11 offers higher performance and less cost than the best separate components at any price, with sound quality equal to or superior to the best analog power amplifiers, preamplifiers and DAC’s – in one box. Its main features include:
High performance state-of-the-art complete audio solution in a single chassis. § Active DSP crossovers for bi-amplification
High current stereo operation mode.
Power output: 200W/8 W; 400W/4 W x 4 channels or stereo.
Tuneable software for optimizing the performance of any speaker.
Natural, non-fatiguing sound from all audio sources.
24-bit wireless connectivity with sonic quality equal to hard wired.
3 analog inputs with 1 megohms input impedance so source units operate with virtually
no load.
3 x 24 bit digital inputs: 192kHz USB input, 192kHz coax input, and 48kHz wireless input
Modest heat, no need for fans or external cooling.
Daniel Hertz speaker connectors and speaker connector tool (all made in house).
Intelligent modular design.