Darius Valiunas is sharing the story about his unique and highly interesting cartridges… Story of DaVa cartridges begins in a small artisan foundry which was casting bonze and copper. After casting process cast was processed into artwork – statues, monuments and other art related objects. Cartridges were for many years side story of artisan foundry.  After hard working day it was a pleasure to try to catch up a music mood using various self-made cartridges. The spiritual leader was Neumann DST 62 cartridge. The very first attempts were building of prototypes from scratch just trying to understand how it is possible make them.  Later on questions started to arise as most of prototypes were miles ahead of expectations – they have sounded dull and weeks of efforts gave nothing for breakthrough. Ordinary designs sounded very same as regular ones. In order to make cartridge design breakthrough and to void very standard presentation of sound a lot of exotic technologies were tested. At the very beginning it was just a mind game, later on puzzle became more and more serious. 

DaVa designs have scientific background and were modeled using simulation software in order to understand the real reasons why certain sound signature was achieved and how to make it in series later on. 
Main features which are very common as background of DaVa phono cartridges:  use of electromagnet, cantileverless design and coils situated in very close position to the stylus end together with a damper.  The use of electromagnet has found a way into design as prototypes with permanent magnets became clogged with metallic particles thus substantially spoiling audio signal. In order to keep magnetic gap clean from foundry debris electromagnet was used. All cartridges are built and assembled in house by hand. Most of the parts are built in our own premises using CNC processing, metal working skills and machinery.
Each cartridge passes two steps – first one is physics – all parameters are measured: VTF, tracking parameters, coils, dimensions, output values, etc. Second one – we are looking for special sound profile so each manufactured cartridge must match certain prototype characteristics.
MC phono cartridge – DaVa FC-A1
5 years of development using various techniques, materials and ideas lead to merge of vintage technologies – coils situated in very close position to the stylus end and electromagnet (LC) design. The use of modern machinery together with use of simulation software helped to alter vintage technologies into new level.
Tuned until perfection, built by Darius Valiūnas from start till end – bronze body, metal parts, coils are manufactured and afterwards assembled into final product. After meticulous testing process it’s ready to serve for many years. Cantilever design is very rugged compared with usual cartridge ones. 
We are proud for very unique sound signature of Classic FC – very strong sound with emphasis of startling realism – it has unique abilities to render all sounds from records with ease.