DaVa Soul Field Coil Cartridge

Darius Valiunas writes: “I had been waiting for an idea in my head about how to make a DaVa version with the modern shape of a diamond for several years, and I was about to lose hope. The construction of all DaVa models made before had the coil which changed area dramatically in the magnetic field on high compilance. So, it could be used on low compliance with conical stylus only.

One day, when I was walking along the beach near the sea( seemed to be relaxed about my work), got an idea – I could not think what to do with it at first, how to construct it, but then I thought of single transductor module attached to the front of the cantilever. And voila – the new field coil DaVa Soul was born…

DaVa Soul weighs 14gr., microridge stylus, VTF – 2-2,5 gr. It’s ideal for tracking and better-preserving vinyl records. This cartridge keeps DaVa’s musicality but has even more micro details as well( the trial version was made and presented at ETF with a micro ridge diamond). The DaVa Soul reproduces extra harmonics in music and a clean transparent sound. The bass is more extended and nuanced. It must be a surprise for the DaVa fans and lovers.”