Definitive Audio at Bristol show 2020

Various photos from Definitive Audio’s room at Bristol show. The System we used at the show comprised a Kuzma Stabi R (a demo unit seen attached in orange), a 4Point tonearm and a CAR60. The electronics (amp’, preamp’, and phono) were SJS (Simon Shilton) and this little lot sitting on a 4-level Living Voice G2 table. Speakers were Living Voice Santos OBX-RW3 and a battery power supply system (of course) but this one was much smaller than usual with 2 gel batteries and one inverter. 

Franc Kuzma was there personally to meet and greet an interested UK audience who were very curious about his Ultrasonic record cleaning machine, not to mention his turntables, arms & cartridges and were delighted to finally be able to meet the man behind the brand. Franc had cleaned a set of 10 LP’s and those that have previously been disregarded due to bad surface noise was more than just playable!