A step-by-step unboxing and detailed look under the hood of Denafrip’s Terminator Plus DAC.

“We take extra precautionary measures to ship the Terminator/Terminator Plus with double boxes. Thick protective foam, extremely sturdy carton for safe & secure shipping. Industrial grade resin corner protector.”

Protective cloth and desiccant to keep the moisture out.

Certificate of Authenticity / Warranty Card with Serial Number
We go green! Manual and guides can be downloaded on our website:

The Terminator Plus weight some 20kg(!) Have a second person to assist would be helpful.
The bottom chassis is mounted with three(3) stainless steel spikes. The spikes shoes can be found at the bottom of the carton. Use the spikes shoes provided for vibration/resonance control.
Should you wish to use your preferred footers, you may remove the spikes by pulling it out gently.

Here we go the Terminator Plus in Silver

Encapsulated Power Supply Enclosure within the DAC chassis. Segregated by a thick metal sheet in between the Main DAC boards and the PSU box. 

The inner beauty

Supercapacitors for Digital & Analogue circuitry for high energy storage to ensure supply of constant cleaned DC power to the circuitry


True Balanced R-2R Network Arrays

Precision Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillators OCXO