G point audio writes: “Our trade partner János and his Budapest-based Impressivia Company – Hungarian Destination Audio distributor made over the weekend a private show for the complete Destination Audio set up, hosting privately appointed visitors. It worked so well that I see that as a perfect solution for us, here in the UK, as it seems to be better to step on, create an event, once having confirmed invitation – host it all they long with a dedicated audience. 

So such is a plan for the next expo: The full Destination Audio set up, including DA45 SET mono amps, DHT 76 Preamp, and DA WE417 Phono. Let’s see if it will be possible to get a matching DAC on time. 

If not we have two other premium products to team up with it: Lampizator Golden Gate 2 SET and parallelly an Ideon Audio Absolute Epsilon. 

On the Vinyl side obviously our trusted J.Sikora Reference TT will handle the duty with their KV12 tonearm and our favorite MC cartridge: Audio Technika ART1000. 

Meanwhile, our own NIKA speakers are about to be finished and soon we are going to have them in our Sussex demo room on the permanent display.