Devialet Phantom revolution!?

Stubborn yes, but blindfolded no! I’m trying to keep my objectivity as most important aspect of my work. I’ve been quite critical regarding the Devialet amplifiers in my past writings. Not exactly for what they are, but for the way they’re are pushed forward to be.. An ultimate high-end amplifiers and the end of the road utmost reference. Anyhow, I touched that topic already quit elaborately. Let me go further and explore Devialet Phantoms as I do think they deserve the attention. 
With many upcoming all in one digital, active speaker systems like Kii Three, Genelec etc. Devialet Phantom certainly made the the first and the largest pomp. I’ve listened to them during the few high-end audio shows, but somehow couldn’t get the positive impression. Mostly for the ways they were presented and physically positioned. And non the less for the music they we’re playing through. 
Finally I could get my hands and ears on them in a controlled, known conditions. Hersey! Let me say, that I’m more then positively surprised. On contrary to my previous experience I’ve actually like them to a quite high degree. With vocal, guitar and classic music there is an impressive level of performance being presented from such small and closed digital active system. There is well controlled, even impressive bass and a bit push forward midrange. These created much more warmer presentation then expected. What surprised me most was again on the contrary to Devialet amplifiers, the recognized dark nature of the music. Deviate Phantom could actually carry some contour and color of the original acoustical music. Thumbs up!
I’ll dive deeper into the subject matter with the upcoming full blown review, but this was finally a positive indication of where digital audio fully active systems are heading. Yes, performance is not yet on the level on ultimate high-end audio level, but I can tell you frankly that it can smoke out many even high-priced setup in some regards. I didn’t have a chance yet to hear the Kii Three active speaker system at my premises, but what I could here last week at the show didn’t impressed me that much. Again, it would be fair to explore the Kii Three system before drawing any final conclusions. And I’ll sum it up exactly in this way. Stay tuned…

Matej Isak