You’re invited to explore the (350+) photo journey/essay, that is intimately connected with the new Diapason Karis Wave speakers. These unique creations are the brainchild of two creative minds; Alessandro Schiavi and Antonio Comini. These two artisans have joined forces and created the speakers, that embodies the higher form of sonic and art sculpturing. Each and every Karis Waves enclosure is hand carved from the solid walnut wood by Antonio Comini. The starting point is multifaceted diamond-form designed from the ground up to ac as closest to the ideal point source. The already highly optimized acoustical dispersion and circular emission of sound waves are further expanded by the hand-carved external and internal surface. It takes hours and days to finish one chassis and Antoni literary stopped counting the hours that are spent to create a unique final form of each and every loudspeaker.

The end result is a product, that transcends the typical loudspeakers’ role. On top of being very special sounding speakers, they’re also acting also as a true work of art; an exclusive and collector’s piece.
The Karis Wave speakers share all the qualities of the renowned  Diapason DNA and add more. Newly developed crossover and custom made and handpicked SEAS’ drives (zero tolerance at matching) delivers one of the best mini-monitor sounding speakers I’ve heard in my life. Of course, you cannot expect the thunderous nature of the Diapason’s Dynamis, that I’ve reviewed here, but Karis Wave’s ability to recreate the essence of the music is something to be heard. An unforgettable sonic experience. It was the reason worthy each and every kilometer of my travel to Brescia. As always Alessandro and Chiara were super hosts and this time they’ve deliberately taken the time to made me understand why Brescia and its’s surroundings are so important in the creations of their beloved speakers. Yes, the rich heritage and tradition of so many specialized “micro” manufacturers are most unique.
Now you’re invited to join me on the emotional journey of the Karis Wave creation. In the photos, you can see the Karis III speakers in production and later on the inspiring collection of Antonio Comini’s wooden art. It will give you an idea of how all of Antonio’s product are inspired by the nature and how much work goes into the making of his proud creations. Enjoy…