Digital Amplifier Company DAC DAC Ultra High Performance DAC

DAC DAC is a D/A converter for ultra-high-performance 2-channel audio systems already reached its founding goal on Kickstarter. More info…
2 versions – TL/HS, the difference is the output stage circuit
Coax SPDIF input, PCM up to 192kHz sample rate, 24-bit resolution
Balanced outputs (XLR)
External 12VDC power supply
Indicators for Power, Valid Signal, >50kHz Fs, >100kHz Fs
6.5″ x 6.3″ x 2.5″ aluminum enclosure with vibration absorbing Sorbothane feet
In an attempt to make the audio signal path as short as possible, we designed an experimental output stage, and it sounded amazing!  We listened for several hours in awe, then we measured the performance with an audio analyzer. To our surprise, THD+N wasn’t so low as the input level rose toward full scale, but with the help of a low noise floor (120dB SNR), THD+N was pretty low as the input level decreased. “How is this possible?”, we asked.  “How can this thing sound so wonderful, but measure so-so?”.  Well, after taking a better look, we discovered that the distortion characteristics of our short-path circuit were similar to that of tube (a.k.a. valve) amplification circuits, providing a smooth, musical sound. We listened again to confirm this (loving every minute of it) and began working on a new output stage circuit for the purpose of comparison, both on and off the bench.  We created a daughter card with this new output stage and wired it up….