Divine Acoustics Kepler vibration absorbing foot consists of 40 elements, and its main function, the accumulation, and dissipation of vibrations are carried out by 7 layers made of various materials. Inside the Kepler’s enclosure, a rectangular ceramic bar cooperates with gemstones arranged in the shape of a pyramid based on a non-parallel triangle. The stones are kept in a fixed position, they cooperate with chromium-nickel steel and together they form a 3-layer system. The pyramid rests directly on the ceramic bar and is surrounded by other elements that gently compress the entire system and create a kind of heat sink that converts the cumulated energy into heat. The top threaded spindle transmits vibrations from the device or loudspeaker directly to the top of the pyramid. The steel, chromium, nickel, copper, titanium, molybdenum, and auxiliary elements made of wood and polyamide were also used in the construction of Kepler in individual layers. 


  • large contact area with the floor / top surface improving stability;
  • easy height adjustment of the speakers thanks to the flanged ring;
  • nuts increasing the contact area with the audio device in a non-screwed version;
  • interchangeable pins of different heights;
  • keys for replacing the pins in the set.

Technical specifications

  • outer diameter: 60mm;
  • weight of the foot: 247g;
  • minimum height (with nut): 35mm;
  • maximum height (with nut): 40mm;
  • height of the screwing pin: 11mm, 20mm;
  • Constant (fixed) threads in speakers set versions;
  • the standard thread of pin: M8;
  • other available threads: M4; M6; M10, UNC 1/4;
  • other threads on order;
  • maximum load on one foot: 20kg;