This might be of interest for some of you… The Doepke residual current circuit breaker. Thanks for the tip Emile… “The Audio is primarily used in electric circuits with high-quality audiophile components, such as record players, CD players, network streamers, amplifiers, active loudspeakers or even sound systems for theatres or cinemas, Residual current type F ensures a high system availability due to its resistance to transient surge currents as well as the reliable detection of AC and pulsating residual currents with a rated frequency (50 Hz), even if other frequency components are present in the residual current, as may occur in modern audio devices with transformer or network parts.”

  • sensitive to mixed frequencies from 10 Hz to 1 kHz, mains-voltage-independent
  • for audiophile applications
  • higher system availability: short-time delayed, selective for the establishment of stacked applications
  • “HD” design: resistant against corrosive gases and moisture
  • minimal power dissipation at each pole
  • silver-plated connection terminals
  • VDE certified