Here is a bit more in depth description of DolceVita Palco Speakers system (Palco is the the italian word for Stage). Vincenzo Fratello writes: “Our Palco uses, like – so far – all the DolceVita speakers system, a full range driver of about 20cm of diameter, with single membrane in untreated paper and a “bullet” high-tweeter with a response extended up to 50 kHz. We believe that the frequencies up to 35-40 kHz make a difference in many aspects of the music reproduction.”

“The high-tweeter is loaded with a small circular horn for a perfect “coupling” of its emission characteristics to those of the full range.It is indeed a kind of “energy-filler” for the out-of-axis emission of the full range which – as any full range, even of smaller diameter – is fastly decreasing with the angle respect to the on-axis.

For the first time, our full range is loaded with two horns, from both sides, rear and front.
For the rear horn, innovative because it is very short, given its low operating frequency , we apologise for this, but we have decided not to disclose any detail. You can indeed easily hear the lowest frequency cello-string emission, which has a frequency of 33 Hz !
The front horn seems simple, like all the successful high-tech objects, but it isn’t. It derives from studies carried out – not by us – in other activities, aeronautics, space and F1. We have no information of any application in the world of these studies in audio.
It is under patent process here in Italy with the name of HEVO, which stands for horn evolution.In our opinion, in fact, it is the first truly “new” horn of this millennium and probably since the time of the Klipschorn.
All this high technology did not however prevent us from making the main parts of the system, those to which the two drivers are fixed, using an ancient and rare material. The solid fir wood of the Val di Fiemme (abete aromonico) has been part of the Italian tradition for centuries in the creation of the best musical instruments in the world. We have reached the point of consulting “our” luthier, not only to select it, but also to nourish it as it deserves with the best finishing treatment, which has always been part of the incomparable characteristics of a violin or a Cremonese cello ..
Finally, the user can tune the phase between the high-tweeter and the full range simply sliding it front and back and can change the 4 front flaps angle rotating them in such a way to bring the original auditorium into his listening room. This is the true reason of the name, Palco, which is the Italian word for Stage. Once you do it correctly, you can really walk around in your room and your favourite musicians will remain over the stage, exactly like it happens listening to live music of any kind.
This is different from any system you have experienced before. We like to be unique and different from the rest.”