Echo Diastasis PH-79 phono preamplifier NEW

Georgios Loutridis from Echo Diastasis just reached out regarding the brand’s new phone preamplifier. The PH-79 seems  to be quite unique zero-feedback design with active equalization, Class A amplifier stages design and Echo Diastasis very own noise reduction techniques.

“Designing a phono preamplifier has always been one of the most difficult tasks in the audio devices design era, because it tries simultaneously to solve a number of emerging design problems, where improvement in one area usually is not working beneficial for others. Inside ph-79 there are special enhancement devices, an additional noise rejection stabiliser and a special topology, ensuring that the delicate and low voltage signal of every phono cartridge (moving coil, magnet or iron) in the path to any amplifier, will be free from unwanted and annoying noises. With active equalisation, zero feedback, separation of high and low frequency poles and matching materials, the serious designing issue of the RIAA equalisation is getting resolved with absolute precision.”

Zero negative Feedback
Audiophile Dual-Mono Circuit Design
E-core transformer
Gold plated Connectors, Teflon insulated
Output impedance 20Ω
Input impedance 47,100,220,470 / 1 kOhms and 47 kOhms
Gain MM 41dB, MC 60dB, MC 65dB
Inputs: 1 pair RCA (L%R)
Outputs: 1 pair RCA (L%R)
THD+N 20Hz-20kHz,MM c 0.02%, MC c 0.05%
Signal to Noise 20Hz-20kHz unweighted:MM -85dB, MC -79dB
Accuracy Riaa 0.05dB
Dimensions (WxDxH)440x340x147 mm
Weight 9 kg

Price: 3200 EUR