Elac 240.3 new speaker line

The new loudspeaker line 240.3 marks the next phase of the success story of the Line 240. A product of careful evolution rather than radical revolution, the Line 240.3 is now more consistent than ever – in every respect. “Refusing to rest on past achievements, but persistently yet constructively questioning them is what creates real value in the end,” says Managing Director Gunter Kürten. This philosophy was applied throughout the development of the Line 240.3, and it highlighted aspects that were then systematically developed.
The simple yet striking cabinet contours are emphasized by the new shorter radii, and the uniform black color of the chassis units embodies restrained visual elegance. The magnetically attached baffle cover blends seamlessly with the high-gloss paintwork used throughout, undisturbed by any mechanical fixings. The screwless trim ring of the JET 5 tweeter is the final piece in the puzzle of visual modifications.
However, the highly regarded and award-winning sound of every loudspeaker in the Line 240.3 remains unchanged. The electro-acoustic drivers for the low and mid-frequency range employ AS-XR technology to ensure exceptionally dynamic and carefully controlled reproduction of complex signals. The Line 240.3 also features the JET 5 tweeter, whose effortless precision and musical sensitivity leaves an unforgettable impression.

The five models in the Line 240.3 are exceptional performers in any application – from traditional stereo setups to complex surround-sound installations. Each pair of bookshelf and floor-standing loudspeakers can be supplemented with the CC 241.3 center loudspeaker to form a perfectly coherent package.

The Line 240.3 loudspeakers will be available through specialist dealers from November 2015. The suggested retail prices for the BS 243.3 / BS 244.3 / FS 247.3 / FS 249.3 and CC 241.3 are EUR 599,- / 799,- / 1.099,- / 2.299,- and 899,- per unit.