ELAC CONCENTRO flagship speakers NEW

CONCENTRO – the new ELAC flagship marks the anniversary on High End 2016 in Munich.
After ninety years in business, the time has come to make some noise. And by “making noise”, ELAC is certainly not referring to the sound of the new Concentro flagship model, but to raising the profile of its high-end products from northern Germany. Time and again, customers and retailers around the world have described this innovative loudspeaker manufacturer as a best-kept secret. “You are the best”, they say. “Why not prove it once and for all – with a truly awe-inspiring product?”
The Concentro is ELAC’s emphatic response to this challenge. And just one glance leaves the viewer in no doubt – this is a self-assured product with clearly articulated ambitions to achieve high-end supremacy. The striking oval shape, an imposing silhouette that is almost 1.70 meters high, and the gleaming surfaces combine to create a spectacular yet graceful and almost sculpted figure. The monolithic speaker cabinet weighing 140 kg rests on a 25-kg stand milled from a single block of aluminum.
With its oval design, the Concentro is a dramatic departure from the more traditional cabinet designs used by ELAC to date. The front and rear sides are finished in high-gloss lacquer – in a virtually unlimited range of colors. Dark side panels create contours that give the upwardly tapered cabinet a more slender appearance. High-end ambitions are reflected in every detail. This is a speaker that simply commands admiration – which will certainly be forthcoming from ELAC fans worldwide.
The striking design with a baffle that appears to flow in three dimensions was dictated to a certain extent by the exceptional acoustic demands, which called for smooth forms with large radii. This motif is continued in the oval that encloses the two tweeter/midrange and low/midrange drive units on the front. This central highlight further emphasizes the underlying concept behind the Concentro: full concentration on the center, the ideal point source.
The four newly developed 10-inch woofers set into the sides operate in a push-push/pull-pull configuration and give the Concentro unprecedented dynamic power and effortless reach into the lowest octaves.
And when it comes to peak performance – the culmination of many decades of innovation in loudspeaker technology – the Concentro brings together many of the technologies that made ELAC a legend across the globe: the JET-5 tweeter, Aluminum-Sandwich membranes, AS-XR cones, and Long Linear Drive (LLD) drivers. The bass and low/midrange drive units employ ELAC’s patented crystal cones, which incorporate the company’s tried-and-tested proprietary Aluminum-Sandwich technology. The letters “XR” stand for “eXtended Range” – which refers to the extra octave that this innovation adds to the transmission range. The ELAC JET tweeters are possibly the world’s most famous – for their brilliant and lifelike reproduction of high frequencies. The position of the VX-JET can be adjusted to fine tune the sound dispersion characteristics in the middle to high-frequency range. This alters not only the tonal balance, but also the relationship between the direct and diffuse sound arriving at the listening position.
Naturally, only the finest materials were used for the wiring and frequency crossovers. The cabinet can be customized to individual preferences. For instance, the side sections are available in carbon-fiber, wood veneer or even leather finishes.
Legendary technology presented in bombastic style – with this new flagship model, ELAC is laying down a clear marker for the years leading up to its centenary celebrations.
The company 
ELAC is passionate about driving innovation and refining its existing products. Throughout the 90 years of our company history, we have crafted products of unmistakable quality and sound that stand out from the crowd. Our latest innovations complete the ELAC experience, enabling our discerning customers to experience the passion in our products in the form of music and film.