Electric Recording Co. ERC Studio Reference Discs NEW

Again something intimately analog special from Electric Recording Co.  The ERC Studio Reference Discs. Check out the info and mesmerising photos after the jump…
“Here at The Electric Recording Co. we believe in the art of experimentation. We spend many hours comparing test cuts, acetates and test pressings in order to achieve the best possible results. This past month we have been working on our first ERC studio reference disc; Johanna Martzy playing the Bach Chaconne. This is one of the most important works ever conceived for solo Violin. Martzy’s interpretation is considered by many as one of the most iconic performances.”
Initially we cut the Chaconne as a one sided lacquer from the Lyrec Sv8 tape machine (modified). We undertook this process and achieved pleasing results. We then played the Chaconne through the EMI BTR2 tape machine. After all, this was the early Abbey Road machine that the original disc would almost certainly have been mastered from. We then cut an additional lacquer.
The end result; two single sided 12” (45 rpm) test discs of the same music cut from two different valve tape machines that were both constructed in the 1950s & early 60s… Comparisons between the two pressings reflect the philosophy that often “there is no better – just different pleasures”.