Elodis SB121A subwoofer

My post of the Elodis flagship subwoofer ignite much interest. Here is more affordable 21-inch  sealed box active subwoofer version, that might fi into more systems…
Cabinet is designed in a way to have a very smooth roll-off below Fc ( ~ 9 dB/oct.) – that results in good sensitivity at the lower frequency range – therefore no need of excessive amp power at the lower frequency range. Together with the high power rating of the built-in 21-inch drive unit that results in very low power compression at higher SPL and at the same time the large cone area avoids excessive cone excursion. 
That provides best initial conditions for final filtering and equalizing for stress-free operating conditions at usual domestic use down to ~ 10 Hz.
Following photo gallery also illustrates the final setup on-site at customers home and some measurements. The finish of these subwoofers was made on customers request to have a perfect match with the existing speakers (BM35).
Price as shown on the pictures (without the additional amps for mid/high):
EUR 6.675,- ex-work without VAT and taxes (including shipping crate) = 1 unit
EUR 8.010,- ex-work incl. 20% VAT (euro-zone, EU) 
EUR 13.350,- ex-work without VAT and taxes (including shipping crate) = 1 pair
EUR 16.020,- ex work incl. 20% VAT (euro-zone, EU)