Elodis-Subwoofer VOCALITAS MACHINA INTRO speakers

This custom-made Elodis-Subwoofer VOCALITAS MACHINA INTRO project was based on an existing set of “entry-level” drive units from GOTO-UNIT provided by the customer (Inward Processing Relief). It’s a passive 2,5-way project based on the SG20WR and SG16TT drive units.
Benefits of these speakers are stunning reproduced voices and superb spatial imaging. The speakers are preferably designed for placement near the rear wall.
These speakers are only well suited for silent listening levels due to its limited electrical and mechanical capabilities.
Double SG20WR in separated sealed cabinets, acoustically strong damped by using BASOTECTTM
The lower positioned SG20WR works up to around 200 Hz
The upper positioned SG20WR works up to around 7500 Hz
Both drive units are parallel connected
As tweeter driver an SG16TT works up from around 7500 Hz
Cabinet made of top quality beech plywood, 25 mm thick,
heavily braced,
using special beech wood long dowels and 2K polyurethane adhesives for optimum rigidity and durability,
using of top quality mechanical and electrical parts In general

Total height = 1180 mm, width = 350 mm,
depth = 380 mm,
weight = 65 kgs