Elodis Vocalitas Machina Infinitus flagship speakers

Elodis Vocalitas Machina Infinitus are Franz Hinterlehner flagship model speakers. This is high performance and high output passive 3-way speaker system with coaxial mid/high horn assembly and Onken-style double 15-inch bass section.
Sensitivity: 98 dB/2.83V/1m/half-space
Max. SPL: ~ 130 dB/1m
Max. input power: 2000 Watts 
Dimensions: H = 1300 mm, W = 720 mm, D = 550 mm
weight = 175 Kgs
Machina Infinitus offers exceptional spatial imaging and richness in detail, exceptional reproduction of voices, no loss of details also at very silent listening levels, never “aggressive” sounding at very high sound pressure levels. 
Made of top-quality beech plywood. Price for a pair as shown on the pictures: EUR 28.750,- ex-work (without VAT and taxes, shipping crates included).