On Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd of October, KJ West One will be teaming up with Engström and distributor Boyer Audio to present a weekend event showcasing the brand new Engström ERIC Encore mono amplifiers. 

“We will be joined by co-founder Timo Engström who will talk us through the design and manufacture of these incredible valve amplifiers as well as demonstrate what they can achieve in one of our flagship level systems.
In addition we will be introducing the newly updated (mk3) MONICA pre amplifier. Very few have heard this yet so this will be very special. We will also be demonstrating the hugely versatile and widely reviewed ARNE 300B integrated amplifier.
Engström is a relatively new name in the hi-fi world, particularly in the UK, but their reputation is building fast. Based out of Lund, Sweden, Engström produce some of the most beautiful and brilliantly engineered high-end valve equipment available. Timo will be pleased to introduce the company and its unique concept of Scandinavian sound.
To keep numbers in the room to a safe amount, we will be running three sessions. Two sessions on the Friday (starting at 6pm and 8pm) and then an open day session on Saturday (11am-4pm).”
Address – KJ West One, 26 New Cavendish Street, London W1G 8TY
Time – Fri 1st Octobers (6pm and 8pm) & Sat 2nd October (11am – 4pm – Open Day)