Co-founder Timo Engström introduced the ERIC Encore statement power amplifier, ARNE integrated amplifier and MONICA pre-amplifier at an exclusive weekend event at London’s premier high-end store KJ West One organized by Boyer Audio

Guillaume Boyer writes: “We were delighted to present the new MONICA mk3, ERIC Encore monoblocks and ARNE integrated amplifier at KJ West One last weekend. 

The event was a great success and was attended by over a dozen KJ West One customers and industry luminaries including Alan Sircom of Hifi Plus and Touraj Moghaddam of Vertere fame!

The logistics of putting together such a show were no mean feat particularly when petrol pumps were running dry! This was KJ West One’s first customer event in over 1.5 years and expectations were running high.
We were honoured to have Timo Engström over from Sweden to talk us through the designs and introduce their concept of Scandinavian Sound. A selection of CDs, Qobuz files and vinyl were played with the audience clearly showing their appreciation by applauding at the end of each track! There was something very “right” about the sound that eschewed all the usual audiophile cliches. In between songs the audience was encouraged to give its feedback and ask questions. There was a palpable sense of enthusiasm and excitement in the room as the audience were treated to something very special indeed.
So what is the Scandinavian sound? In a nutshell it is a presentation that is as fresh and direct as an autumnal breeze. It is effortlessly natural and wonderfully dynamic and takes you right to the heart of a musical event, where each nuance of musical expression is communicated in a large and coherent soundstage. 
We particularly liked KJ West One’s description in a recent Instagram post:
“Most valve amplifiers have a sweet, organic sound. The ERIC captures this but also keeps complete command of such a high-end speaker, which is very unusual. This system manages to conquer both fronts. It doesn’t sound completely valve and it doesn’t sound completely solid state. It is the best of both. Remarkable.”
The MONICA and ERIC Encore were accompanied by the white ARNE which dazzled with its stylish looks and powerful sound showing how the Engström DNA permeates all its products. ARNE really is Engström in a box and the Scandinavian sound is just as well articulated as in its larger siblings. 
We would like to thank all that attended and our hosts KJ West One for making everyone feel so welcome.”