Interesting insights accompanied by pictures from the production and assembly of the Eon Art Tachyon DAC. Eon Art Tachyon DAC features a unique volume controller, 2.5mm thick 14-layer PCB, 70-micron thick copper traces, Amtrans, Clarity, Duelund, Mundorf, Solen, and Wima capacitors positioned according to best function, etc. 

“As a rule of thumb, the cost of a PCB of a given size doubles every two layers. A shorter path and more copper than anybody else. That’s why the quantity of layers of the PCB is one of the things they cut first to make a substantial economy. But sadly it decreases the signal integrity.

We made sure each transformer is in a position to not interfere physically with the others, and shield them individually in a steel and Mu-Metal layered casing.”