Esoteric Grandioso T1 Turntable

Esoteric writes: “A new undertaking to commemorate the 35th Anniversary of the Esoteric legacy; it’s the first-ever turntable in our history. In the dead silence of the “Esoteric MagneDrive System” you will hear the sounds of a revolution taking place, making history for vinyl playback.” 

Technical Highlights

  • The Platter is free from any vibration.
  • Absolutely precise platter rotation, free from any irregularities of speed, potentially caused by mechanical contacts, such as belt, rim or motor.
  • Adjustability of sonic characteristics, by manually changing the distance between the platter and the driver.
  • No concern for the need of replacement belts.

Towards the Horizon

This turntable – with 10MHz Clock Sync capability for the motor drive unit and 3 piece independent chassis configuration – is the culmination of Esoteric’s unique design philosophy and mechanical/electronic technology.

Key Features

  • Esoteric’s patented contact-free drive system “Esoteric MagneDrive System”
  • Magne-Float platter greatly reduces spindle bearing friction by reducing platter’s effective mass from 19kg down to approx. 4kg.
  • Consists of 3 separated units: main unit, motor unit, and power supply unit.
  • High quality VCXO motor driver ensures precise platter rotation.
  • 10MHz Clock Sync capability with the Grandioso G1X Master Clock.
  • Inverted bearing system supports smooth rotation of the platter.
  • The Micrometer knob on the front panel provides fine-tuning capability of sonic characteristics, by adjusting the strength of magnetic force being applied from the magnetic driver to the platter.
  • Triple layer chassis made of Aluminum and wood, effectively controls vibration.
  • The mid-chassis is applied with beautiful high gloss piano lacquer.
  • The isolation feet have a special damping mechanism that eliminates external vibration.
  • Two speed control (33/45 rpm), adjustable with 0.1% order.
  • The T1 is offered with TA-9D dynamic balance tonearm, or without tonearm configuration.
  • Optional arm-board allows the T1 accommodates up to 3 tonearms.

Key Specifications

Overall Dimensions: (W×H×D, including protrusions)
  • Main Unit: 497 × 210 × 456mm
  • Power Supply Unit: 445 × 132 × 270mm
  • Main Unit: 45kg
  • Main Chassis: 17kg
  • Platter: 19kg
  • Motor Unit: 9kg
  • Power Supply Unit: 18kg