Esoteric N-01XD Network DAC

Esoteric’s top-of-the-line network DAC, the N-01XD, is now available in the “SE” model for even higher sound quality! The N-01XD SE is a top-of-the-line network DAC model, born from Esoteric’s thorough commitment to the highest quality standards. Utilizing the technologies developed for the original “Master Sound Discrete DAC” in the flagship monoblock DAC, the Grandioso D1X SE, the N-01XD SE features a 2-channel stereo DAC with independent power supplies for the left and right channels.

Various digital devices can be connected, and music can be reproduced purely by investing a luxurious amount of material in the circuit. The network module, which supports the 22.5MHz DSD format, delivers vinyl playback quality sound thanks to its linear power supply technology that uses no switching elements.

With the new technological enhancements originally developed for the Grandioso SE models, the N-01XD SE now features the “Master Sound Discrete Clock” and an upgraded analog circuit part of the DAC, allowing you to enjoy an even more advanced sense of presence, dynamics and musicality full of tonal textures.