Esprit Audio Philosophy

Richard Cesari, Esprit’s CEO and founder, explains Esprit Audio’s slogan, “The Spirit of Music,” which has been in place since 1997 and embodies the brand’s goal of producing the most authentic products and reproducing music in the best possible way. Esprit Audio will be HALL 03 K04/L05 and we will be using their cables to equip the following manufacturers: AUDIOVECTOR, AUDIONEC, TAD, KROMA, ODEON and more. 

“From the recording to your ears, you have scrupulously chosen the source, the amplification and the speakers of your hi-fi system. To enable you to exploit all the qualities and reveal all the musicality of your system, Esprit has been developing cables for more than 20 years with a precise objective: to ensure the transport of the musical message with the greatest fidelity to the original recording and with the most fluid and natural articulation, acting as a true vector of musicality at the heart of your system.
Each range of cables represents the culmination of methodical research into conductors and insulators carried out by Esprit on an ongoing basis in order to create the best performing products, which have been subjected to the most demanding tests and listening throughout the development process. Esprit’s expertise and innovation (including proprietary connectors) is also fuelled by a continuous dialogue with its customers in search of the most musical solutions.”