Fabrizio Baretta – Faber’s Cables and Faber’s Power

One of the people, that really deserves more attention is Fabrizio Baretta of Faber’s Cables and Faber’s Power. Fabrizio is not only a gentlemen, but true Italian high end audio entrepreneur, enthusiast and foremost music lover. 
I’m always enthused with the way Fabrizio’s curious mind operates and even after decades of traveling trough the high-end audio universe, he’s still open minded about new product and approaches. His an open book!

Some time ago, Fabrizio stopped by at my home and we’ve tried his new ground box and power cables. Of course each system is an entity of its own, but the differences being introduced was not of small scale and repeatedly confirmed.  

On my last trip to Italy I’ve stopped at his home and finally had a chance to listen to his system. It took Fabrizio quite some time (over a year to be exact) to refined his setup. What he’s managed to pull out of the Raidho speakers was something substantially different and I never head these Danish loudspeaker performing in such way. He certainly knows, his ways…
Fabrizio is non intrusive person and rather let his products speaks for itself. Over the year many audiophiles tried and exchange their cabling for Faber’s products, even the highly renowned!