Feastrex writes: “The Naturflux (spherical magnetic circuit) manufactured by Feastrex has achieved the world’s lowest magnetic distortion factor in operation through magnetic flux alignment. The excitation mode works very correctly with respect to the input signal, especially due to the improved transient response.” 

With a 100% Permendur magnetic circuit, the magnetic permeability is three times that of pure iron, 3000 times that of Alnico, and 20000 times that of ferrite. Is it a picture that appears?

The sound image is precisely mapped as if under a microscope, and it is beautiful. The difficulty is that because of the high resolution, the shaking of the amplifier’s transformer winding and the film capacitor is detected as sound.

The phase angle of the transformers and capacitors previously used in amplifiers changes with frequency, and the time axis of the sound is audibly shifted.

This is called a tremor of the sound, but it sounds like an unnatural vibrato sound.

Visually, the sound resembles a perfect circle that looks like a “wobbling ellipse.”

Incidentally, the detrimental effect of the cable proximity effect is that the image is blurred, and the sound is not steady, as if you were looking at an object with astigmatism.

Finemet core transformers have excellent phase characteristics, but the windings fluctuated.

We ordered Finemet transformers with Teflon winding to suppress the winding fluctuation and started the strategy to stop the fluctuation of sound by the amplifier with the multilayer ceramic capacitor.

Can we say that the adjustment of the phase is the timing of the sound?

The cable has already been corrected for astigmatism with the original shielded single core cable.

This is a problem that only occurs with high-power excitation speakers, but when completed it will be heavenly.

By late fall, we may be able to create an environment where we can hear the most beautiful sounds in the world.