Focal Sopra 3 Debut at Munich High-End 2016

Focal, a large French speaker manufacturer, has debuted at Munich High-End 2016 the Sopra 3, a scaled-down version of the Utopia, and a larger version of the popular Sopra 2. The Sopra 3 is joined in the new Sopra range by a center-channel speaker and a subwoofer, to allow consumers to create a complete home-theater speaker system entirely with Sopra components.

With the same basic driver configuration and design as the Sopra 2, the Sopra 3’s cabinet volume increases by about 35%, and weight rises from 55 kg to 70 kg. New 8″ woofers replace 7″ woofers, extending the low frequency point at -6dB from 28 Hz for the Sopra 2 to 26 Hz for the Sopra 3.

The Sopra 3 supplements the Sopra line with a speaker which is ideal for rooms for which the Sopra 2 is a bit too small.

Ron Resnick